A Little More Lost Lands Deities Info

Had a little time to kill so I thought I’d drop a short deity tidbit (a lot of it is not new but frames it within its own pantheon).

The Foerdewaith Pantheon

Swords & Wizardry Appreciation Day 2015

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Adventure Locations in Quests of Doom

A poster on the Paizo forums asked where the adventures from Quests of Doom are located in the Lost Lands setting, so I thought I'd post the break down here as well for those of you interested in Quests of Doom but who have not yet gotten it.


The adventures in QoD are all written to be placed in any campaign world that you want, though each has a paragraph at the beginning stating where they are placed in the Lost Lands (the FGG setting) if you are wanting to use that campaign setting.

Common Gods of Akados

I told folks over on the Paizo boards the other day that I would not be willing to reveal my secret spreadsheet of 264 Lost Lands gods. It’s just too much of a work in progress. However, one portion of it is fairly well nailed down, though certainly with a few tweaks here and there to be made, so I thought I’d give a sneak peak of it here. That would be the “Common Gods of Akados”. Those guys whose names you’ve seen again and again throughout Necromancer Games and Frog God Games adventures.

Lost Lands Pantheons

First: Yes, I did just figure out that I could post blogs.

Second: No, I am not proud of that fact.

Third: Yes, this is a repeat of a post I made on the forums a week or so ago (see point one, above).

However, so that it will not be buried in the forums and will be more accessible to people who may just see the blog, I am repeating the information here. To those who have already seen it in the Forums, my apologies for nothing new to see here.


Center Stage Miniatures Kickstarter

As many of you are aware, the Center Stage Miniatures Kickstarter has not delivered as promised.  We've been asked by a couple of sculptors about the fact that our contract might block them from using their sculpts if they can get them back from Matt Solarz. If a sculptor has a way to recoup losses on this, we are in favor and will definitely not get in the sculptor's way.

-Bill Webb

Introduction to the Methodology of S&W Conversion

Delving into the murky mind of the Shadow Frog!

Regarding Center Stage Miniatures

I'm just quoting my comments to the Center Stage Miniatures Tome of Horrors Kickstarter, so people from ToH2 can see it, and so it's linkable. The comment I refer to, from Mortal Arrow, is: "I'm glad to see that Matt Finch has commented. Maybe he should describe his role at Frog God. And more importantly, he should let us know if Frog God has received funds that were raised through this KickStarter. And if so, how much?"

My posts (2), as an answer, are these:

Post 1:

Marching on with Cyclopean Deeps

I have finished Chapter 10 of the Cyclopean Deeps and turned it over to Shadowfrog for the S&W formatting, which will be followed by editing (Jeff Harkness) and then a PFRPG draft will be broken off for conversion, leaving the S&W draft finished and ready for editing. This won't happen immediately because Shadowfrog is going to work with the entire document. With Sword of Air firing all cylinders, and Quests of Doom working through editing, conversion and cartography, Cyclopean Deeps can wait for a complete manuscript before diving in.

S&W, A Low Complexity System

Conversion thoughts from the Shadow Frog!


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