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Today is Monday, and here at the Secret Lily Pad of Insanity we’re going to kick off something new! (See what I did there? Frog, kick? Such brilliance). We’ve always been known for good communications and fast response time on social media, but one of the BIG problems of social media is that it’s super-ephemeral. Post something on twitter and it’s gone in a flash. Post it on facebook and it lasts for a day or so. Not only that, but even on the Lily Pad we’re starting to understand that probably not everything we say on facebook is getting heard by everyone.

Enter the Shadow Frog

Greetings from the Den of the Shadow Frog!

NTRPGCon Playtest on Cyclopean Deeps 9

At North Texas RPGCon this year, one of the things I did was a first playtesting run for Cyclopean Deeps Chapter 9: Hidden Worlds of Jupiter Kwan. This particular bit of the Cyclopean Deeps has been an open question for a long time with me. It is a very complex map with lots of possible locations (at least 300, I'd estimate) and multiple possibilities for several things in each of the areas.


Writing in Clear Skies Again!

It's generally known to our fans that I've got bipolar disorder, and that it can slow me down (it also lets me write at tremendous speed when I'm hypomanic, so it averages out, I think.


Barakus Small Pledges

If you pledged a small amount on Barakus in order to get the add-on products, you won't see any add-ons in the backer kit. You will need to contact us via email to get those -- the reason is because larger orders get a shipping discount that smaller orders don't get. Email necromancergames at and we'll take care of you.

Dunes of Desolation Art Preview!

Hello Folks! With Dunes of Desolation off to the printer and an expected May/June release date, we thought that we would whet your appetite with small art preview!

First we have the Dunes of Desolation Cover Preview. Cover art by Artem Shukayev and cover design by myself, Charles A. Wright.

FGG Welcomes John Ling

Frog God Games welcomes a new staff member to lead the development of Pathfinder modules. John Ling has been an avid gamer since 1st Edition D&D. More recently he has been playing and running Pathfinder campaigns and writing Pathfinder campaign modules. John is excited to be part of the team and can't wait to help deliver plenty of exciting adventures to you - our fans!

Swords & Wizardry Complete Rules pdf is now FREE!!

Because the Frog God Games Sword of Air Kickstarter has hit 401 backers, the Swords & Wizardry Complete Rulebook is now FREE. That doesn’t mean we’re releasing a crippled or art-free version, it means the full-artwork, Erol Otus on the cover, no-text-left-out, existing was-for-sale-yesterday version of the book is now a free pdf!


If we reach 400 backers on the Sword of Air Kickstarter, then the pdf of the Swords & Wizardry Complete Rules becomes FREE! Free, I tell you!!


I would link to the Kickstarter, but I would have to look up how to use the < a > tags for HTML, because I've forgotten. You already know who you are, anyway.


 ... the Spawn of the Frog God!

Cyclopean Deeps Subscription 4

Is in my hands now! That means "In Layout" for those who don't knwo what I do. There's good news for you and bad news for me, though - Matt has loaded the book with tables and sidebars. I am in formatting hell!

We hope to have this installment out to you soon(tm).


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