The Port Cities (Eastgate, Endhome) and Sea Trade

What seafaring nations or city states off the map of Eastern Akados (aside from Port Shaw on the Razor Coast and the island kingdom of Oceanus) would be bringing their wares to the docks of Endhome (and to a lesser extent Eastgate)?

From what I know, Endhome gets shipping from literally everywhere, including Libynos, because it is a neutral party, separate from the other governments that might take an interest. I would think that you could probably find just about anything in Endhome, from all corners of the world. 

I, unfortunately, don't know anything about Eastgate, though...

I can't remember is Libynos another continent entirely?

Yep, quite a ways away.

Eastgate is much like Endhome in that it is a major shipping hub. In particular for the overseas markets that Bard's Gate reaches. Freegate is another major Bard's Gate controlled port, but it's focus is more on the northern Sinnar Ocean.

Eastgate shipping hits pretty much all the major ports of Akados including all the way around the south (Penmorgh, Swordport) and to the west to places like Castorhage. It wouldn't visit Reme really, because the direct overland route is actually quicker in that case. But Eastgate ships would also reach far afield to places like Port Shaw in the Razor Sea and across the Sinnar Ocean to the continent of Libynos.

Most of the Bard's Gate trade to northern Libynos (e.g. the Ammuyad Caliphate, Khemit, and other locations on the Free Main) is handled through Freegate, but the rest is more likely to go through Eastgate. That would include the Empire of Alcaldar, the Aizanes Islands, the southern Paramountcies, and via the Channel Lakes of central Libynos, all the way through to the far side where they reach the Crusader States, the city-state of Shabbis, Far Jaati, and a bunch of other places.

Endhome trade more or less reaches all those same places but also the markets of the Free Main as well since it is in competion with Freegate rather than in cooperation with it.


 Thank you very much Greg. I appreciate your input and inspiration... I know this is a stretch but how would I describe the docks of Endhome to the players as far as the exotic ships and peoples that frequent its docks? Would any cultures have a ship that represents or is similar to actual early cultures; for example, the Arabian dhow? A Chinese Junk? A Viking longship? A Venetian galley? Other ancient ships, such as a stubby Roman round ship, etc.

I would imagine that Endhome's docks would exhibit a more cosmopolitan atmosphere of ethnicities and cultures due to its exposure to a variety of seafaring cultures and their peoples... Spices, exotic animals, exotic woods, ivory, whalebone, and other wondrous items would be found near the docks I would imagine. But the sheer exposure to the various cultures around the oceans of Lloegyr would influence the city of Endhome to be more tolerant and maybe even adapt some of the customs of other cultures perhaps?

Also the exotic looks of the different peoples would come into play (as Endhome from my understanding is coming from a more medieval European vibe) which would enrich the atmosphere of something new to the PCs POV about how small Endhome is in comparison to the rest of the known world.

Would these countries and peoples have embassies or consulates in Endhome perhaps?

Endhome would have all kinds of exotic ships and peoples from all over the world. Arabian style dhows would be present from the Ammuyad Caliphate and Khemit in northern Libynos, longships would be present from the Northlands (though not very many), junks from far Xi'en would be few and far between (most would trade in Castorhage instead) but would not be unheard of. Endhome is pretty tolerant as an open port.

Endhome is given about 15 pages of description in LL2: The Lost City of Barakus, though a lot of the details your asking are not included there, so you may already have that resource. As for embassies, there's probably not anything that formal on a political basis so much as the various trading houses of the city would have established relations with various traders in foreign ports and work on a quid pro quo basis of guaranteeing berthing space and markets for their goods in exchange for the same elsewhere. The larger kingdoms and empires are likely to keep embassies in different major ports and nations, but with a population of only 35,000 Endhome is very cosmopolitan but just not large enough to warrant that sort of level of bureaucracy.


Thank you very much Greg. I have the Barakus sourcebook, but it doesn't really have much to say as to what ships from which lands would dock for trade. It has the basics, not specifics. I just wanted to see if I could get any more info from the creator(s) of the setting before I start filling in specifics. Sorry to squeeze the 'lore sponge' too hard there, but I wanted every last drop of information I could get. : )

Where is Reme detailed, and if it isn't, is there an about how far from Bards Gate it is?  And Fareme...I know that isn't the same...but I'm currently fatigued after looking at the new purchase of Realm Works.


Reme has not been detailed in a product yet. It lies approximately 1,450 miles west of Bard's Gate down the Tradeway and is the capital of the Grand Duchy of Reme of which the Duchy of Waymarch comprises one of its marchlands, the others being the Northmarches and the Westmarches. We plan to detail Reme further in its own book in the future, but it will receive a treatment in the Campaign Setting before then.


Is the campaign setting book the next big project we can expect after Quests of Doom 4?

I thought that was the plan, so hopefully 1st quarter next year? 

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For those wondering, here are the next few offerings from Frog God:
Rappan Athuk High Resolution Color Maps
Rappan Athuk 5E
Tome of Horrors 5E
Project ZAK (has nothing to do with Zach, I promise)

Frog V
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You'll be taking my money on all of them!

It's a shame Cyclopean Deeps and Slumbering Tsar don't get %E's love, though, UNLESS, of course, one of the is project ZAK???????


No campaign setting?  :(

EDIT:  But good news from Matt and Greg in the video about the Lost Lands.  It's still being worked on....

Rappan Athuk 5E? Tome of Horrors 5E? Wow...can we expect Kickstarters for those next year? And since there's no mention of the campaign setting in that list, I suppose we won't see a Kickstarter for that until 2019.



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Rappan Athuk 5e Kickstarter is planned for later this year. Tome of Horrors 5e shortly after that.

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hmm, I was hopeing we'd see the campain setting at the end of this year.  Ah well. 

I was really hoping for that, too...probably late 2018, then, if not 2019.

Is Rappan Athuk 5E intended to be a straight conversion, or is there a possibility of new content (new levels, etc.)?

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Akujunkan - There will be new content, likely 4-6 levels written by Bill Webb, and will also include the previous expansions, all in one book. We'll also have the new levels available for S&W and PF too, but as a separate book since there will not be a new printing of S&W and PF at this time.

Frog God Games

All new levels of RA will be immediately purchased and studied.  You really are my favorite company, because of that one location to player characters.


Is this all Realm Works compatible?

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Tha'll be nice, as I was afraid it's be 5th ed only.  I can't wait to see what horrors Bill will be adding.

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I don't play 5e currently... Rappan Athuk 5e is something I'd dearly consider though. The simplicity I dislike about 5e might actually be pretty fun in the context of a dungeon crawl.

It's too bad you're not doing them as a single KS because doesn't Rappan Athuk use lots of monsters from ToH? How would you even run RA5E without the Tome?

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There has been a slight change in schedule, but Tome of Horrors 5e will be available concurrently with Rappan Athuk V. 

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So the two Kickstarters will run concurrently? Soon, I hope?

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No, the Kickstarters won't run concurrently but Rappan Athuk 5e and Tome of Horrors 5e are being planned to deliver concurrently. Keep in mind, there are things that are out of our control that might change that, such as: typhoons, earthquakes, locuts, demons, Fred the Customs Agent, slow boats from China, losing a limb (you laugh, but it has happened), plague, zombies, eldritch horrors from beyond the black gate, and others that I cannot name without drawing their attention. 

The Tome of Horrors 5e Kickstarter will launch in this quarter of 2017. Rappan Athuk 5e will launch in Q1 of 2018. I'm not going to comment on delivery dates other than the plan is to deliver those two at the same time (see disclaimer above and watch out for the Crawling Chaos...). 

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*makes note to save money for Tome of Horrors*

Hey Guys!

I just wanted to chime in an say that the Campaign Setting is still underway. I can't give a date because it's a big project and I learned my lesson from The Blight as far as biting off more than I can chew and giving estimated dates. So I'll have more info on it when I've got a lot more details locked down, but rest assured it has not been abandoned and is my current project.