Northlands Saga - NS3 **Spoilers**



I just started running the Northlands Saga Campaign and my players are having a blast!  I'm reading ahead and have a question about Old Meg's Challenge.

The description says one player is chosen, and the rest are shrunken down to fill the role of the playing pieces.  The movement rate is described as normal divided by 5.  This leads me to think that they are shrunken characters with their usual equipment, armor, weapons and attacks.

My confusion is that the other pieces are Bugbears with very low hit points.  Any character will simply wade right through them.  The game won't be much of a challenge.

Are the players supposed to be Bugbears too?

Or am I just overthinking it?

Thanks in advance.

And thanks Frog Gods for putting out great products again, and again!


Hi Jim,

The PCs will definitely have the advantage in general. However, because each side is limited to a single attack action, some of the PCs' advantage is diffused. Likewise, non-martial characters may not be so overpowering compared to the bugbears. With Meg's cheating to maneuver near vulnerable PCs, this could make it decidedly more difficult. Likewise the PCs may already bear wounds from the adventure, and Northlands characters tend to have lower AC and hp so the disparity is not as wide as it otherwise seems.

But, yes. You are correct. The PCs should be much superior in the actual combats with the bugbear pieces. This is more of an attrition and strategy encounter than a straight-up fight.


Awesome!  I wanted to make sure I was running the encounter as intended.

Thanks for the quick reply.  You guys are the best!