Pathfinder 2nd Edition


Probably no real decision will be made until the game is finalized, but...


Will Frog God Games support Pathfinder 2nd edition?

If so (or if not), will it also continue to support Pathfinder 1st edition?


If it is lackluster, or streamlined too much, I'm sure that many of us will shrug our shoulders and continue with the crunchy system we like.  If it improves on PF, then I'm sure it will put butts in the seats.  Starfinder makes a lot of people sit down at the store I attend, so I don't see real issue with PF2 being announced.  I will run my game, like I run my game.  If we switch to the new system, we switch.


But I have tons of stuff for PF, so unless I'm forced to run against my will, I'm going to run my game.  I'm sure that there will be some things I houserule, just like I have some things from the early days Red Box in my game.  It's your game, and I always encourage people to run what they feel is best for their table.

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For now all I can say is have patience, and the folks at Frog God will make their decision when they are ready to.  Likely after they've had a chance to get their webbed hands on the final product, and look at it.  At the moment nobody can make an informed decision.

Regarding PF1, I think it is unlikely that you will ever see a new handcover release again. The pricing of the current stock can only go down from here. Plus, I am curious if Greg continues past the Campaign Setting.

I saw a mention of Tenkar's hinting that a PF1 product got cancelled at GaryCon?

With the announcement of PF2  a wiser move would probably be to try to put some distance between big campaign setting books and actual crunch so the books won't be outdated when a system disappears. This is impossible for monster manuals (obviously) and I haven't a clue as to how to achieve this for adventures that currently contain statblocks on each page.

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Did they cancel the last book in the perlious vistas series? That would be sad, it was a cool series. I was really looking forward to the ice book as a companion to northlands.

Honestly, I am super bummed about PF2. They basically just gave the middle finger to both 3PP and their biggest customers.

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I hope the choose to support PF2, though I suppose time will tell.

Crazy idea.  Do fluff books.  Campaign settings don't need to have a lot of rules in them.  They need description, let the individual people running their tables handle the rules.  I'm seeing that I like more rules-light books about towns, about this and that.  But when it comes to actual statistics, I can largely do that without a lot of prep time (Let me pull this book off the shelf, and borrow this monster/trap/NPC for statistics for this encounter). 

I hope they choose something that everyone thinks needs to be on their shelves.  Frog God and the authors involved (including Clark and other Necro-authors) have benefitted from my enjoyment, and my players fears for almost two decades.