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Most in the Humble Bundle are things I already have. But the 30% coupon looks interesting for buying 'The Blight' book and sending it to Europe. 

Most promotions lately exclude 'The Blight', but on the Humble Bundle it doesn't say anything about it. Is 'The Blight' included here?







The blight is included in the humble bundle coupon.


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Awesome! Thanks!

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The Humble Bundle deal is back. Here is the link:

It's valid for the next 13 days. You'll receive the PDF's immediately from HB. If you want the PDF's added to your FGG account give us about two weeks to get the new site up and working then send a request to

Thanks for your support.

The Noble Herald Frog

Oh, god the full campaign map is on there. Bought.

Same richard,anthony! I was convinced by a frog on facebook to buy it (Hey, its only a dollar). I cant beleive how awesome this map is, I ve been zooming in and out for an hour. So much room for expansion too!

The map is fantastic, but I'm bummed there's no scale on it :-(  How can you have a world map with no scale? - And no, ponting to figuring it out myself by compiling the other, non-free maps, is not an answer ;-)

I think that was probably done on purpose. That way you as the DM arent stuck the massive scale already set by the other maps (1 hex = 50 miles). You can use this map but scale it down to reduce distance between places ect in your own version of the Lost Lands. 

I'm sorry but I don't think that makes sense. The Lost Lands are The Lost Lands, all FGG material will be based on the official scale, both already released and upcoming (the campaign setting fx). Why would they remove the scale to accomodate the two people that might want to use the world map for an official setting, just with their own scale?

The map appears to be incomplete and a work-in-progress right now. There are ?'s and mispellings. We've long asked for at least a coastal outline for campaign planning and this is 1000% better than anything I expected before the release of the setting. I'm stoked to see the Kingdom of Foere mapped out. Thank you!!!

If you need a scale and don't want to calculate yourself, the distance from the Tower of Acregor to the Shepherd's Crook due south of it is 250 miles.

I'm sure hexes and scale will be on the final version. Personally, I'm redrawing with 150, 30 and 6 mile hexes. I'm also adding obelisk locations as well as details from modules and setting materials.

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I too piked up the maps.  It's nice to see how everything connects.