Deity of Freedom?

Good day!  I'm looking for a deity devoted to the tenants of Freedom, likely a CG deity that would take an active interest in the long forgotten deity known as "The Master" and his human slavers.  I'm not familiar enough with Lost Lands deities to know if such a deity already exists, and if so, where can I find out about it.




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Kittail Hillcaller, while technicly part of the Gnomish pantheon is the only deity of Freedom I know of.  She's on pg 95 of Mountains of Madness.  I'll keep looking and see if anyone else pops up.

Hope that helps. 

Thank you!


This is an interesting question. I'd reckon most LG deities would be a decent fit.

The Phoromycean cult that worshipped The Master supposedly died out thousands of years ago. I only know of four Phoromycean deities - Demiurge, The Father, The Master and Kringa the Temptress. And of those, three are evil and one is of unknown alignment to me. So opposition does not seem likely from any within his own pantheon.

If you are seeking a binary opposite, Kittail Hillcaller, Snorri Horrnison, Styrme and Zelton(?) fit the bill.  Ok, maybe not Zelton even though Liberation is one of his domains. The part about: "The tenants of Zelton’s cult are simple: You deserve to be a king attended to by a horde of slaves who see to your every whim. Not only should you be able to live like a Southlander lord, but you really should not have to work hard to get this reward; it is yours by right of birth." are a dead giveaway that he defines liberate as acquire for oneself.

If you must choose an opposite, I feel Stryme would be the best fit as his worshippers are known to be vehemently opposed to slavery and he is a fairly common Foerdwaith deity. But even then, as The Master is a lost god known only to a small number of scholars, almost no priests of Stryme would know enough about him to oppose him as a deity.  Rather, they would stand against slavery in any form; and therefore, because The Master favors slavery they would oppose him by his connection, not his name.