Gremag: Where does he fit in?

I'm finishing up my conversion for Stoneheart Valley, and writing up Gremag and his rooms in the bowels of Level 6 of the Burial Halls. But, it's a bit incongruous to just have him there. It's jarring. So, I was wondering why he was there, and how he fits in.


Reading between the lines a bit, I figured he once ruled a nation, probably during the ancient times--I considered this, perhaps, around the same time as Devron from Lost City of Barakus, but that's the extent of my knowledge of that campaign.


What city or nation did Gremag rule? Where was it? Why did he leave it?


Why did he choose the bowels of the Stoneheart Mountains for his tomb? It feels like a retreat away from danger. I had hopes that Mountains of Madness would answer this question, but no such luck...

Looking at Bard's Gate timeline and taking the new Bard's Gate adventures as time reference, Gremag's origins go back to 6470 years ago when he was the phoromyceaen sorcerer-king of Tharista. He strove to obtain the lichdom and intered himself in the depth of Stoneheart mountains.
So, why has he intered himself 10.000 years ago without doing anything but... what? You're right, Richard, and if we think in terms of Old School mechanics, Gremag was there waiting player characters to fight them.
If we think in more modern (cinematographic?) way, we could say that from those depths Gremag rules and coordinates the efforts of Orcus' cultist of Bard's Gate to subvert the local government; Gremag can also be there to help indirectly the Orcus' cultist of Stoneheart Dungeon to find the Black Monolith and free the Chaos Hordes and unleash them in the Lost Lands, etc. etc. ;)

Phoromyceae came to an end in a rather spectacular way (see The Slumbering Tsar Saga for what occurred 10,000 years ago). So a lot of that time was spent by folks like him and Devron more or less in a sort of shock, recovery power and vitality in the face of the massive rupture in magic and the ways of the mulitverse that had occurred fairly close by. Then he was sealed into his own little lair doing his own secret things for a long time. Was he up to anything else during/since that time? Probably, and we're likely to revisit it when we take a closer look at the prehistory of Akados that is represented in ancient Phoromyceae. However, until then probably just suffice it to say lichy stuff.