How do you go about involving the gods?


Im always curious about how other DMs use gods in their campaign; not only as personalities, but as story elements.

Myself for example: I plan on having "Note" show up in front of every boss fight to let the players undo a TPK (Note - god of bards and poetry, servant of Ogmah)

I also believe the typical character should be polytheistic, praying to whichever god is appropriate for the immediate circumstance, including the Clerics.

A clerics divine power comes from a single god or a pantheon maybe, but I cant imagen praying to the god of war to bless a solumnly vowed maridge. 

I personally use them very little as possible. They are meant for inspiration based and divine battery source. I typically do visions from their oracles or sign that can be recognized by their followers. I tend to keep the gods from being directly involved. If using a dead gods power some nut job found artifact with power and some good God sending a worshipper capable of the task or find people that get the nut job stopped. In my experience gods directly involved makes the players inadequate or just questioning why they even do in the task.

I also dislike having the gods directly involved, both as a player and as a GM. It happened once in a campaign I was playing and my reaction was to think that it was completely lame and immersion breaking - it was the stand-out worst moment of a good year long campaign for me.

It's akin to when the Battlestar Galactica re-make turned from being some of the best modern sci-fi ever, into "the gods done it". Lame!