The Lost Lands: Sword of Air

The centerpiece of the Lost Lands, this Ennie Award winning book ismassive sandbox-style adventure. It is essentially bottomless, and can keep a party going for years with roleplaying, adventures, dungeon crawls, wilderness, puzzles, politicking wizards, and more. In addition to new monsters, new demons, new spells, and new rules for various aspects of play.

A sandbox campaign in the old-school style that take your characters from level 1 through 20.

Within these pages you will find:

• The secret of the Sword of Air artifact;
• A vast and highly detailed wilderness;
• A feud between two powerful wizards Kayden and Sorten;
• Both Kaydenís and Sortenís domains described in detail;
• The tomb of famous wizard and court advisor Aka Bakar;
• The Plane of Shadow;
• The City of Tsen and its surrounding wastelands;
• Steve the Cat;

And More! 

Sword of Air is part of the home campaign world of Frog God Gameís Bill Webb and it has been running since 1977. 

Available for Swords & Wizardry & Pathfinder.

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